NEW!! 2022 HYPER X 60V 23.4AH 2400w Dual Motor Lithium Electric Scooter

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Blade X PRO
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NEW!! 2022 HYPER X 60V 23.4AH 2400w Dual Motor Lithium Electric Scooter is a folding model that is made of aluminum and has a weight of only 55lbs. The 23.4Ah batteries as indicated by the manufacturer have a range of up to 25 to 30 Miles per charge with a charging time in about 4 hours from minimum. At the power level we find a 2400W Dual motor (1200W*2) with a maximum speed of 37 MPH with three different speeds to choose from, this model capable of climbing slopes of up to 15% of slope in rise.

From the appearance, the design of HYPER X 60V 23.4AH 2400w Dual Motor Lithium Electric Scooter is unique. It can be remembered at a glance that it is simple and fashionable and Color Black.


1)Motor: 2400W dual hub Brushless motor (2*1200W)

2)Battery: Lithium Polymer Batteries 60V 23.4Ah

3)Charger: 220 / 110V, 50 - 60Hz Sans

4)Frame: Magnesium aluminum alloy

5)Tyres: 10*3.0"

6)Rim: Aluminum alloy 6061-12

7)F/R brake: Hydraulic Brakes+Electronic Brake

8)Stem: Aluminum alloy, Adjustable, Foldable

9)Fork: Suspension, aluminum alloy

10)Lights: F/R LED lights

11)Display: New Colorful LCD Display

12)Max speed: 35mph-40mph

13)Driving distance: 30 miles

14)Charging time and life: 6-8 hours

15)Max loading: 200kg

16)Mudguard: plastic

17)Open Size: 1210*625*1250mm

18)G.W./N.W.: 40kgs/35kgs


2022 Blade X Pro 60V 23.4 AH Electric Scooter Features:

We just love the LED lights because they give you such great visibility day and night. The front headlamp is powerful enough for night riding although as always, we recommend extra lights on your helmet, handlebar or jacket to make you more visible to others.

The taillight indicators are operated from the handlebar. These alone got our attention, and we think all scooters should have indicator lights as standard.

The stamped neck on the Blade is a surprisingly useful design which enables use of a D Lock. This is a great anti-theft feature as you can get D-Locks that will resist even power tools, so we think this is a really good idea.



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60 days on parts.

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